We believe that growth in Christ and your ability to feel connected to a church comes through being part of a community group. Our community groups are smaller groups that gather in homes, coffee shops, and at our church. 

How often do your groups meet? 

Our Community Groups (small groups) operate on a semester basis. 

The groups can meet once a month to once a week. It depends on the group leader and group's availability. 

What do your groups study? 

They can range from studying a book of the Bible, a Christian book or even exercising together. 

How do I join a group? 

You can join a small group during the semester by signing up at our Connection Center or by clicking here.

Why should I join a group? 

We have seen that those who are part of small groups grow faster in their faith and are able to make friends in the church. This greatly impacts their joy of being connected to the local church. 

For more information you can email Pastor Keith Rowell at keith@thrivechurch.me