We would love for you to be our guest at Thrive Church on a Sunday morning very soon! Making a first time visit to a church can be a little overwhelming. We know that you may have a ton of questions regarding your visit, from kids ministries to attire. Our goal is to create a worship environment that your whole family will enjoy from the moment you pull up on campus at one of our locations. We have family friendly worship environments for all age groups, trendy worship songs, and Biblical teaching. We love meeting first time guests and look forward to seeing you this Sunday! 


Q: What do you believe? 

A: Check out our "About Us" page for information about beliefs, our pastor and staff. You can see our statement of faith and beliefs.  


Q: I noticed you have two locations. So, do you have live teaching or video? Are they the same in format? 

A: Our Sunday sermons are live. We rarely use video teaching.  We use live teaching from our lead pastor and our campus teaching team each Sunday. Both locations use the same format for kids, worship, and the sermons are the same. 

Visit our locations and service times page here: 


Q: What type of dress attire should we be prepared for? 

A: Our Lead Pastor, Campus Pastors, and Campus Teams will all be dressed casual. Pastor Kevin will be in jeans. Dress comfortably. The big thing is to make sure you wear clothes. Just make sure to wear what you would like!

Q: Do you have ministries for my kids? Will they be safe? What ages?

A: Yes! Bring all your kids. We love children at Thrive. On Sundays, each location has trained kids workers who are background checked and that have prepared environments for your children. Our nursery, pre-K, and elementary environments are FUN, SAFE, and ENGAGING for children. We want them to leave learning about the Bible and desiring to come back for more! To learn more about kids, visit our Thrive Kids Page.

Q: I have teenagers. What do you have for them? 

A: We have an awesome youth worship experience on Wednesdays at our Chesterfield location from 7:00-8:00pm. There are pre and post service activities as well as worship, teaching and small groups. Teenagers sit with their parents on Sundays. We also have opportunities for teenagers to serve. They may not like to tell their parents, but they really enjoy the Sunday worship experience at Thrive!  

Q: Do you guys believe and teach the Bible? I have heard that some churches that are modern, like Thrive, have been shying away from that. 

A: Yes, we believe and teach the whole Bible. We make it where it is understandable and applicable. You will find that several times a year we will go through a book in the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Many of our attenders tell us that they enjoy the messages because they are Biblically centered and easy to apply to daily life. 

Take some time to listen or watch some of our messages to get a taste of what you will experience: LISTEN HERE

Q: What translation of the Bible does Thrive use?

A: Typically, our pastors use the New Living Translation during messages. The NLT is a more meaning-based translation that is easy to read. We always encourage everyone to bring their own copy of God's Word, no matter the translation. 

Q: How long do your worship experiences last? 

A: From start to finish they are about 70 minutes. However, folks love to show up early for our free cafe on Sunday mornings to eat good food and hang out with other people. 

Q: Do you have elders or an internal board of directors? Is there anyone to hold to the pastor accountable? 

A: Yes, we do have an internal board of directors called our Directional Team. They handle budgets, finances, staff salaries, legalities and facility oversight. They help keep the ministry accountable. 

Q: Do you believe in women in ministry? 

A: Yes. We believe, according to Scripture, that women can minister. Here is a link to learn more. CLICK HERE

Q: What is the music like? Do you clap? And I hate to ask this but will there be any crazy stuff going on during worship? 

A: Our music is high-energy and upbeat. Our song selection is based off of current trends but also incorporates hymns and other powerful, timeless songs. We have a full band at each location with drums, electric guitar, piano and skilled singers. We sing songs that are well known and loved as well as many new, modern worship songs. You will not see anything crazy at Thrive. We understand that all people worship differently. You will find our worship team and others clapping, raising their hands, and engaging in worship. We encourage everyone to enjoy the experience in a way that feels comfortable to them. 

Check out our Spotify playlist of some of the songs you'll hear in rotation at Thrive!

Thanks for checking us out. We hope to see you soon!

If you have any questions you can always email us at