Thrive Kid's Ministries exist to help children experience God's love through Christ. We have a fully-equipped and trained staff to teach your children while you enjoy our worship experience.


We value the next generation here at Thrive Church.

You will see that we go the extra mile with our youth and children's ministries.

     Did you know? 

  • We have full service kids ministries on Sundays and Wednesdays. (Wednesdays kid's ministries at Chesterfield only.) 
  • Your child will get a number or letter according to their group. At check-in you will receive a clothes pin with this number or letter. If you are needed during our worship experience you will see your number or letter on the screen. You will also need your clothes pin to pick up your child. 
  • Children can be checked in  15-20 minutes before each worship experience. 
  • All Children and Youth Workers are Background Checked. 
  • There is a CPR child certified staff member in every room or on campus. 
  • We use the top curriculum for our youth and children called the Orange Curriculum. 
  • We have a process of check-in that makes it easy to know if your child needs you during the service.